REM Commercial Tenants Can Now Pay Their Rent Online

We are constantly asked can we pay the rent online or with a credit card. Our office policy has prohibited us from accepting cash for safety and security reasons. That has all changed. We have joined the WilliamPaid online rent payment site. Our tenants now have the flexibility to pay the rent online or at 45,000...Read More→

REM Commercial Expands Property Management in Trumbull County

On October 1, 2013 REM Commercial welcomed the tenants at Park Place Apartments into the REM Commercial family. This 35 unit apartment complex compliments the other 182 units already managed by us in the Trumbull County / Mahoning County market. This addition continues to show the confidence that our current owners have in our Property...Read More→

Why Hire a Professional Property Management Company?

As a property owner, you understand the work that goes in to maintaining your property, finding the right tenants, paying bills, managing collections, marketing your properties, and expanding your holdings. Some property owners are able to make and take the time to do these tasks. Many others, however, find that the many details required to keep their business running can be daunting, difficult and time consuming, not to mention costly. Learn more about how REM Commercial has helped other real estate investors with their needs by viewing our property management case study. If you are still on the fence about whether you should hire a property management company, here are five reasons to consider it.

REM Commercial’s Tenant Cleaning Supplies Welcome Bucket

We understand that moving time can be stressful and a little chaotic. With all the movers coming in and out, the packing and unpacking of boxes, and checking that no belongings were left behind, there’s hardly time to think about much else. At REM Commercial we professionally clean every apartment prior to the new tenant’s occupancy but we understand that you may want the added assurance that everything is just perfect. Searching for your cleaning supplies in the endless boxes can be a hassle. That is why we give you a starter supply of cleaning products.

Should I Rent or Buy a House in Ohio?

For the Baby Boom generation at the start of their careers, there was no question that, when it came to renting vs. buying, buying was the better option. During the 1960’s and 1970’s, many young people entering the workforce expected to marry young, start a job, then settle into one area for the foreseeable future. Buying was seen as a smart investment. In today's world, renting has many advantages over buying.