Property Management Case Studies

REM Commercial provides a range of services designed to meet the needs of property owners and residents alike. Our solutions can be uniquely tailored to fit your specific needs. Read the following case studies for examples of how we’ve helped property owners make the most of their investments.

Realty Dynamics Equity Partners

Realty Dynamics Equity Partners is an income-focused, multi-family real estate investment firm centered on providing stable, yield-producing investments to clients and stakeholders.

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Tom: JRC Senior Housing in Canton, OH

JRC Senior Housing is one of three private, not for profit organizations under JRC. The other two are the JRC Learning Center and JRC Adult Day Center. The mission of JRC is to enrich lives through educating children, engaging seniors and strengthening community.

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Steve: North Canton Property Owner

The housing market crashed in 2008, and as many people lost their homes, demand for rental properties skyrocketed. With housing prices at record lows and rental demand high, Steve decided to take a risk and pursue investing in real estate. After looking at countless properties with his real estate agent he made his first purchase, a duplex in North Canton in 2009.

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Ben: First-Time Buyer in Akron, OH

First-time buyer Ben was interested in getting into investment properties but had a lot of questions about getting started. He contacted REM Commercial and looked for a while to find the perfect first rental property for him. Ben knew he wanted a lot of units to spread out the risks associated with a rental property and create a consistent cash flow. The property had to be reasonably priced with significant value relative to the cost. In late 2013, Ben bought a 19-unit townhouse property in Akron, Ohio.

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