Chas: Jackson Township Property Owner


Chas Boebinger is an individual owner from Akron, Ohio who owns a multi-family complex that houses twenty apartments in Jackson Township. He began his partnership with REM Commercial back in 1986.


Mr. Boebinger was a first time owner who quickly realized that owning a large rental complex was much more involved than he ever thought it would be. Although he didn’t have any problems initially, he quickly realized the enormous amount of time a twenty unit housing complex would take. As an individual owner he had to do it all himself, investing much more time than he had anticipated. He began spending hours working on billing for all the units, dealing with different personalities, and answering phone calls all hours of the day. He had to find people to do repairs as they came up and make sure they were done in a timely fashion. To top it off, when a tenant moved out he had to hire cleaners to get the place ready for new renters, and advertise and vet new potential renters, including doing credit and background checks.

In addition to all of the time consuming aspects of owning a large rental, Mr. Boebinger knew that laws could often change regarding the rights of both tenants and landlords. Legal aspects of renting was one aspect he didn’t want to deal with and just one of the many reasons Mr. Boebinger decided to partner with REM Commercial.


From the day Mr. Boebinger teamed up with REM Commercial, we have taken the headache out of rental ownership for him. We deal with the billing for each unit in his complex, using an efficient online software program. We answer all the phone calls and do repairs in a timely manner, all while keeping costs low. We also work to keep each of the units rented and find new tenants quickly when one moves out. We take the time to find quality tenants who tend to stay long term and who often renew their rental agreements year after year, cutting down on costs.

In addition to taking care of the regular day to day functions that go along with rental units, we take care of any larger problems as soon as they come up. For example, one of Mr. Boebinger’s units had a major fire in it causing considerable damage to the property. As soon as we learned about the fire we were in contact with the tenant, making sure he was safe. Then, we took care of everything from filing the claim with the insurance company to hiring contractors to repair the damage. We were in contact with Mr. Boebinger throughout the whole process, ensuring he was made aware of what was happening every step of the way.

According to Mr. Boebinger, “Partnering with REM Commercial almost thirty-five years ago has turned out to be the best decision I could have made when it comes to my rental complex. It’s been a great partnership!”

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