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Grafton, Ohio property management for rental propertyLet Our Team Handle Your Grafton Rental Property

Anything can happen when you’re a rental property owner. A resident could call you at two in the morning because they don’t have hot water. A tenant could miss a rent payment. Guests of a tenant could damage the property. REM Commercial helps create a buffer between you and your tenants.

If you’re a rental property owner in Grafton, Ohio, and in need of help with your property, the team at REM Commercial can help. We can handle everything from posting eviction notices to complete property maintenance—whatever services you need to help maximize the potential of your Grafton, Ohio, rental property.

Comprehensive Property Management Services

Our team is responsible for managing all lease related activities like photographing rentals, advertising, interviewing tenants, processing applications, showing units to prospects, overseeing lease paperwork & check-ins and ensuring compliance with all rules and regulations of real estate and rental agreements.

Our dedicated maintenance team is on call 24/7 to take care of your residents’ needs. Our maintenance team is also responsible for property upkeep including repairs, lawn care, landscaping, leaf raking, and snow removal.
Our full-service accounting staff collects rent payments, assists with property finances, bills, and monthly financial reports, and administers legal proceedings for non-payment and/or eviction.
REM Commercial offers a web-based software to give both property owners and tenants access to important account information, as well as make online rent payments at any time.
With over 1,150 rental units under our management and growing, we understand that the little things are often what take up the most time and energy. That’s why we offer a-la-carte services like make-ready service, evictions, property inspections, posting notices and more.

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REM Commercial is a trusted 3rd party property management company with over 30 years of experience and many satisfied customers throughout Northeast Ohio. Whether you’re a local, national or international property owner, our team can help ease the burden of your Grafton, Ohio rental property and help make it a success!

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