24 Hour On Call Service

Part of being a landlord is getting maintenance requests at all hours of the day. But when those tenant calls start interrupting your sleep at 2AM, it’s nice to have a reliable team available to help.

REM Commercial offers 24 hour on call service in which we notify your residents to call our team when in need of an after-hours maintenance request.

That means the next time a tenant calls at 2AM with a water leak, we’ve got it covered.

Emergency Requests We Respond To

  • Water leaking into the property
  • Loss of heat in the winter
  • Smell of gas in the property
  • Sewer line backup
  • Loss of electricity
  • Warm refrigerator

Rates for 24 Hour On Call Service

Our 24 hour on call service requires a monthly subscription of $50.

Any emergency request our team responds to will be billed at our hourly maintenance rate of $70/hour, plus the cost of parts required to get the job done.

Rely On REM Commercial

Not everyone wants a full-service management company to handle the day to day operations, but it’s important to have a trustworthy team to rely on when you need extra help. Rely on the team at REM Commercial to take those late night maintenance calls off of your already busy schedule. Contact us today to get started!