Online Property Management Software

Our tech-savvy society gravitates towards instant access and quick solutions. Integrating software programs with managing property streamlines communication and procedures, saving time and valuable resources.

At REM Commercial, we are one of the few property management companies in the area utilizing web-based software to enhance our business. AppFolio is a complete software solution that reduces time spent on routine management processes – ensuring that our time is focused on the most important aspect: your satisfaction.

AppFolio Software Customizes Our Service to You

  • Property owners can access account information any time during the day
  • Unlimited text messaging and emailing
  • Customized financial reports are available based on your preferences
  • Owners can receive monthly income checks through direct deposit
  • Important rental documents are available with both online and mobile viewing
  • Residents can see all charges and payments on their account, make online rent payments, and submit maintenance service requests
  • Owners can see real-time updates for the status of tenant payments and maintenance service requests

The online portal with AppFolio is a powerful vehicle for changing the way our business is run. It ensures timely and effective communication with our property owners and residents. It expedites processes and payments, empowering us to manage your property with greater focus.

Learn more about AppFolio Property Manager or AppFolio Community Associations.

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