Property Management FAQs

We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions that people ask about REM Commercial. However, if you have a question not answered here, please contact us and we will get in touch with you in a timely manner.

Where do you manage property?
We manage property primarily in northeast Ohio. We currently have property management contracts in:

  • Maple Heights (Cuyahoga County)
  • Warren, Girard (Trumbull County)
  • Canton, Massillon, Louisville, North Canton (Stark County)
  • Akron, Ellet (Summit County)
  • Dover/ New Philadelphia (Tuscarawas County)
Do you manage single family homes?
Property Management for single family home is the fastest growing sector of our business. The housing crisis and the need to relocate for work have left many homeowners underwater in their mortgage and unable to sell their home for the price they need. You can turn to REM Commercial for help.
What is the largest property you can manage?
Our experienced staff of property managers can handle any size property— whether it is a single family home or hundreds of apartments. We have the experience to handle all sizes.
Do you charge a management fee when my property is vacant?
If your property is a single family home and your property is vacant we do not charge a management fee until it is rented. This could save you hundreds of dollars over our competitors.
How much rent should I charge for my property?
As part of our property management service, we will complete a detailed evaluation of the market conditions and make a recommendation for your specific property. With your input we will determine the maximum rental rate for your property to attract a qualified tenant that is able to pay that rate and a full security deposit.
Will you maintain my property?
REM Commercial has a full time maintenance staff that is on call 24/7/365. We will respond to maintenance calls from your tenants no matter when they call. Emergency after hours calls are billed at time and a half, but we think you would agree that it is worth it to get a good nights rest knowing a professional management company is looking after your interest.
What happens when my tenants don’t pay the rent?
Non paying tenants can really upset the apple cart. We handle the eviction process from beginning to end. We serve the property notices and file the eviction with the courts. Once a judgment is made in your favor we will attend the set out with the court bailiff. We also attend the hearing for second cause for damages. We notify the tenants of their obligation to pay the judgment, and if they do not pay we turn it over to a collection company.
Why should I choose REM Commercial?
Experience. REM Commercial was established in 1981 with the sole purpose of providing property management services in northeast Ohio. Unlike many of our competitors, we didn’t convert to property management supplement our income when the real estate bubble burst. We have been managing property since day one.
How do I know what is going on at my property?
You will have a property manager assigned to your property and they will be available at any time day or night. Additionally, we send monthly reports that state all financial and maintenance activities that have occurred during the month. We send any excess funds from your account in the form of a check with your financial statement.
Can you deposit funds into my bank account electronically?
Yes. We can credit your account electronically. We deposit owner funds on the 4th of each month.
How long will it take to rent my property?
Rental rate and local conditions determine the amount of time it will take to rent your property. Generally it takes 30-45 days to find a qualified tenant. If you have a high end home that would be excellent for corporate housing it may take longer.

Who will show my property?
A qualified leasing agent will show your property and will attend every showing of your property. Our leasing agents are licensed real estate professionals with Fair Housing and Ethics training, so you know you won’t be in violation of any housing laws. They are paid solely on commission so they are motivated. They don’t have the control over the approval of the tenant, so you can be sure they aren’t leasing your property to an unqualified tenant just to get their commission.

How do you screen tenants?
Tenant screening is the most important thing we do. It is so important that we guarantee our screening. If the tenant fails to complete the one year contract we will release the property with no additional leasing charge. We use a national screening company that compares each applicant to our preset screening criteria. The screening company notifies us on whether or not the applicant meets those criteria. If they don’t, they give details of specifically where they failed the criteria. They also produce a rejection letter conforming to state lending laws.
How is my property maintained?
We have a full maintenance staff to handle any maintenance issue. If the task is beyond the expertise of our staff, we will get estimates for your approval from an outside vendor. If our staff completes the maintenance we charge an hourly rate of $40/hour plus parts. Parts are not marked up. If an outside vendor completes the work, we mark up the vendor price 10% for coordination and getting the estimates.
I’m ready to get started what does property management cost?
The property management fee varies based on the size of the property. Single family home and duplex pricing information can be found here. You can also request a detailed custom quote here. Beware of the low price bandits that say “We only charge $69, $79, $89.” Think about it. How much attention can they give to your property at those rates? By the time they answer a few phone calls, pay your bills, speak with the tenant, and send your financial statement they will have spent all the time they can afford on you property. Discount property management companies count on volume to keep them in business, so they won’t be able to give your property the attention it deserves.

I would like more information. How can I get a detailed proposal?
We would love to give you a free, personalized proposal for your property. Just complete our Request a Quote form and we will get back to you within a few hours.