We Help with Buying and Selling Investment Properties

The lifecycle of investment properties for rent/lease can fall into three phases: Buy, Fill, Sell. REM Commercial is equipped to assist you with each of these phases.

Buying Property

investment-propertyThere’s more to real estate purchases than working with competent realtors or brokers. With tight competition in the market, finding and closing on property that meets your investment objectives is an art.

At REM Commercial, we represent investors during the purchase process. Our team uses their extensive knowledge of the real estate market to identify the right property for you (residential or commercial). When that prime piece of property is in our sights, we will aggressively negotiate on your behalf – closing only when the price is right.

Filling Space

As you dangle the keys to your new property, our experts are already managing the next phase for you – setting rent (or lease) rates. We conduct thorough market surveys to set appropriate rates that will satisfy your needs and produce solid returns.

As a property owner, we know that you must safeguard against vacant space to ensure profitability. We act with expediency in filling spaces but seek the right tenant for you. Prospective residents are screened prior to showing each property.

We minimize turnover by respectfully working with each resident and by attentively addressing the maintenance of each building. When space does become available, our team will help market your property to ensure its visibility to prospective tenants.

Selling Property

When the time comes to sell your property, our journey together is not over. We can help you sell, convert the property to cash, or complete a 1031 Exchanges of Property. You can rely on our negotiating skills and strong market presence to manage the process.

REM Commercial can help you close on the ideal investment property or sell your current property. Contact us so our experts can help you realize your real estate goals.