Eviction notice posted on door

Are you struggling with a tenant who won’t pay rent but continues to live in your property? If a tenant does not comply with a 3 day notice, our team can raise the issue to the next level by serving an eviction notice.

REM Commercial partners with eviction attorneys who will act on your behalf to regain possession of your property.

Eviction notices should be served directly into the hands of the tenant or posted on the door. We understand that as a landlord, you don’t always have time to visit your properties and distribute notices.

Our professional team will ensure that eviction notices are served in the proper way.

Requirements of an Eviction Notice

One of the most common pitfalls of serving an eviction notice is not clearly communicating the terms of the eviction to the tenant. In order to hold up in court, an eviction notice must closely follow legal guidelines set up within the state of Ohio.

The REM Commercial team has been professionally trained and well-versed in Landlord-Tenant Laws of Ohio. We will carefully and correctly prepare notices with all the required information and carry out the process with the guidance of our eviction attorney. The eviction notice itself is delivered to the tenant by the court bailiff after the attorney files the eviction paperwork, but the REM Commercial team will be there to manage the entire process for you.

REM Commercial Handles Evictions With Ease

When you don’t need a full-service property management company to handle the bulk of your operations, REM Commercial provides a-la-carte services to assist you with the little things you just don’t have time for.

Trust the team at REM Commercial to handle evictions for you with the guidance and support of an expert eviction attorney. Because filing fees vary based on jurisdiction, we will quote this service based on the fees involved.

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