Lock Change

Man changing a lock on the front door of a rental home

As a landlord or property owner, you’ve probably reminded your tenants a thousand times to keep a spare key for emergencies to avoid getting locked out. But as we all know, lock outs still happen quite often and someone has to make the trip to unlock the door.

In addition to lock outs, lock changes are often needed when preparing a property for a new tenant, or if a tenant is having security issues and requests a lock change. These little tasks don’t take very long, but they start to seem daunting when you’re juggling requests from multiple tenants.

Assistance When You Need It

Although you may not need a full-service property management company to handle every day-to-day task, it’s important to have a team to rely on when you need an extra hand. REM Commercial offers many a-la-carte services to lend a hand on the small tasks that always seem to take up the most time. The REM Commercial team is here to handle lock changes whenever you need them.

When a tenant moves out, it’s important to get the property or unit rented again as soon as possible. We’ll send someone from our team as soon as you need it to change the locks and prepare new keys for the next resident. REM Commercial also offers a make ready service for times when you need additional help preparing a unit for a new tenant.

There may also be times when a tenant is requesting a lock change due to a security issue. Our team will address the issue quickly and with the utmost care to provide the best customer service to your tenants.

Request Lock Change Service From REM Commercial

Our lock change service is just $50. Contact REM Commercial today to learn more about our a-la-carte services, or to sign up for our lock change service.