Make Ready Service

As a landlord, you know how important it is to rent a property as fast as you can, but it takes time to get it back in almost-new condition. While this isn’t something that you as a landlord should have to handle, it is something that needs done efficiently by the right resources.

At REM Commercial, we have a team of highly qualified staff prepared to make your properties ready for new renters whenever the service is needed. After our team is done with a property, it’s guaranteed to feel clean and brand new for the tenant who comes along next—something every renter appreciates.

We bill our make ready service on a case to case basis since not every property is the same size or in the same condition. Tools and materials used for the job will also be included in the price. Contact us to request an estimate.

Make Ready Services

  • Full apartment painting
  • Full apartment cleaning
  • Appliance and furniture moving
  • Gutting and trashing out storage and apartment units
  • Remove carpeting/install new carpeting
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Drywall, plumbing, electrical repairs

Expert Property Maintenance by REM Commercial

Although you may not be looking for a full-service property management company to take on your day-to-day responsibilities, it’s always reassuring to have a team to rely on when you need extra help.

Contact REM Commercial to learn more about our Make Ready Service or other a-la-carte services available. Let’s get started today!