Property Inspection

Move-In InspectionsProperty Inspector

This is an inspection that should be conducted by the tenant themselves upon moving into the property. As the landlord, you should be present for an initial walk-through of the property with the tenant wherein they should call out and document any damages that are seen.

Move-Out Inspections

This inspection is ideally conducted with the tenant still in the property, usually at the time when you collect the keys. Similar to the move-in inspection, you and the tenant will walk through the property and you will document any damages seen.

This report should then be compared against the move-in inspection documentation to see what damages were already present, and what damages have been caused by the tenant.

Normal Wear and Tear Vs. Tenant-Caused Damage

Living in any property will cause some natural wear and tear such as scuffing of paint on the walls, light wearing of the carpet, water stains in the bathtub, small nail holes in the walls, and more.

But then there are damages that go beyond just living in a property—damages actively caused by a tenant. These kinds of damages include glaring problems like holes in the walls, burns or tears in the carpet, gouges in tile or wood flooring, broken windows or doors, etc.

REM Commercial Handles Property Inspections

The knowledgeable, reliable team at REM Commercial offers a property inspection service that is quoted on a case to case basis. We can handle your move-in inspections, move-out inspections, and even routine inspections when you need them.

With years of experience in the property management industry, we know what to look for in inspections to ensure your properties are being taken care of. Contact REM Commercial today to request a quote on this service.