Rent Pickup

Pay rent on calendar

Deciding on how to coordinate and collect rent payments from your tenants is one of the decisions that come with being a landlord or property owner. This can be a stressful responsibility when tenants don’t always pay on time, especially if you own multiple properties or rental units.

While you may not need a full-service management company to take on all of your day-to-day operations, you may find that you need help with some of the small tasks like collecting rent. REM Commercial offers a rent pickup service as just one of our many a-la-carte services.

Collect Rent Efficiently

So when a tenant hasn’t paid rent and continues to insist that it will be dropped off soon, REM Commercial will send one of our team members straight to the tenant’s location to personally pick up the payment and then deposit it directly into your bank account. We can also help enforce and collect late payment fees. This service costs $50 for each time we are sent to pick up a tenant’s rent payment.

We can also handle rent payments on a larger scale upon request, whether you need help setting up an online payment system, or getting the word out to tenants about a new dropbox.

Rely On the REM Commercial Team

Contact REM Commercial today to learn more about our a-la-carte property management services and sign up for our rent pickup service now!