Serve a 3 Day Notice

If you are a landlord, you know that tenants don’t always pay on time. If you’re having trouble with a tenant and need to serve a 3 day notice to vacate, our team can do that for you! At REM Commercial, we understand that as a property owner or landlord, you don’t always have time to tend to the nuances like serving notices.

The biggest downfall with serving a 3 day notice is that cases often fall short in court because of a small legal technicality. The team at REM Commercial is trained and well-versed in Ohio Landlord-Tenant Laws and will fully comply with the law in order to ensure a 3 day notice is carried out the right way.

When to Serve a 3 Day Notice

As soon as a tenant’s rent is past due, a 3 day notice can be served. Be sure to consult the tenant’s lease for the exact terms around when their rent is due. For example, if rent is due on or before the first of the month, you must wait until the second of the month to consider the rent payment late.

If you wish to serve a 3 day notice over the weekend or around a holiday, just keep in mind that weekends and holidays are observed by the Clerk of Courts and cannot be counted as part of the 3 days.

How to Serve a 3 Day Notice

Notices should be personally delivered to the tenant to ensure that it reaches them. It is also acceptable to leave the notice on the door or even serve the notice by mail. The REM Commercial team will ensure that the 3 day notice is either handed to the tenant or posted directly on their door.

Rely On REM Commercial

Not everyone wants a full-service management company to handle the day to day operations, but it’s important to have a trustworthy team to rely on when you need extra help. Turn to the REM Commercial team to help you serve a 3 day notice when you just don’t have the time to. Contact us today for a quote!