Luxe Realty LLC


Luxe Realty LLC of Youngstown, Ohio, owns 81 rental units in the area. They have partnered with REM Commercial since 2014.


Luxe Realty was about to take on new rental units and wanted a partner who could manage the property for them. Because they were just acquiring the new property, they didn’t have any problems with a previous management company that needed to be solved. However, it was very important to them that they chose a reliable company who could manage the property without needing much of Luxe Realty’s involvement. That’s exactly what they got with our team!


Since day one, our team has been managing the 81 units from top to bottom. From regular maintenance to emergency calls to accounting and leasing, our team handles any issues with the property. For example, there was a fire at one of the units and our team was on site within hours to check on the residents and handle insurance claims. This is one of the aspects of REM Commercial that Luxe Realty has appreciated—that we’re always available to help, and if we’re not, we have trusted third party vendors to rely on.

Another great aspect of our partnership with Luxe Realty is that we’re able to handle all accounting and leasing needs for them. “The accounting system utilized by REM is state-of-the-art software that integrates seamless documentation and communication,” says our contact at Luxe Realty. When it comes to leasing, our client has noticed more qualified tenants being sent to him for review as a result of our screening process.

Get a quote today and see how our property management services can make owning rental properties in Northeast Ohio easier for you like it has done for Luxe Realty LLC and so many other property owners.

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