Madewell Investment Company


Madewell Investments owns a number of properties throughout Northeast Ohio and Texas. They own two multi-unit apartment buildings in the Cleveland, Ohio, area.


Madewell Investments invests in cash-flowing real estate with a specific focus on multi-family properties.

Madewell Investment Company


As an investment firm from Texas, managing properties in Northeast Ohio was a real challenge. Our client needed a trusted partner who could help them manage their properties from afar.


REM Commercial was a great choice for Madewell Investments, as our team has been partnering with Northeast Ohio property owners for years and is familiar with Cleveland, Ohio.

Our partnership began in March of 2019 and has been very successful so far. Our team has been able to take a lot of work off of our client’s plate, and they have noticed that rent payments are now coming in on time and in full. In addition, they are noticing that tenants are wanting to stay longer since our partnership started and we’ve taken over the maintenance.

One of the properties in Cleveland that our client owns recently caught on fire. Our team was on site within hours of the fire starting to work with authorities, file insurance claims, and tend to the residents. This is just an example of how our partnership with out-of-state property owners is so beneficial, as we are able to tend to issues that they can’t easily help with being in another state.

Noble Villa Apartments in Cleveland, Ohio

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