MAG Homes

Image of a property owned by MAG Homes


MAG Homes is a property investment company located in New Jersey. They recently acquired their first two-unit rental property in Euclid, Ohio.


MAG Homes had partnered with another property management company in the past without significant issues and had concerns about working with a new property management company, especially one that’s out of state. They had purchased their first Ohio rental property which was unoccupied and needed rehabilitation.
After partnering with our team in February of 2020, their fears about the Ohio rental property and working with a new team were put to rest. According to our contact at MAG Homes, “Associating with REM Commercial has given me the reliance of being successful in Cleveland and around Cuyahoga County.”


Since recently partnering with MAG Homes, our team has already helped them by promptly answering questions during the rehab process and securing their first tenant. Rental property owners know that it’s not just about offering a nice-looking apartment, it’s about finding the right tenant to live in that unit who will be responsible and take care of it. We were able to help them make it look great AND find a great tenant to occupy the unit.
Our contact at MAG Homes expressed they are relaxed and have peace of mind now that they can more passively manage their out-of-state property after partnering with us. This partnership has given MAG Homes the opportunity for potential growth, which is ideal since they desire to purchase more properties with the possibility of a BRRR strategy.
When asked if they would recommend REM Commercial to other property owners, they responded, “Absolutely, without a doubt.”

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