New Property Management Software has Arrived!

After almost two years of evaluating the current management software on the market we have finally landed on Appfolio. Appfolio is a totally internet based application that will allow REM Commercial to be on the cutting edge of property management in Northeast Ohio. It will allow us to provide real time access to our Client, Customers, and Vendors. We are receiving positive feedback from tenants that like the ease of paying their rent online.

What is in it for Tenants?

Like I said earlier tenants have real time access to their account. They can see all the charges and payments on their account as well as an account balance. Within their login portal they will be able to pay rent by check or credit card. E-Checks are free and there is a small charge for debit and credit card payments. Also if you pay with a money order every month and bring it to our office you can save yourself time and money by paying cash at convenient location near where you live. The cash payment sites eliminate the need for money orders and an extra trip to the office or mailing of your money order. Contact our office if you are interested in this form of payment. Additionally, from your login portal you can submit maintenance request. Whether it is during regular business hours or late night you have access to submit a work order online. You will be able to monitor the progress of your work order as it moves throughout the process. Please continue to call the emergency phone number for emergencies.

What is in it for Property Owner’s?

First and foremost tenant retention. Tenant’s that are able to resolve their issues with their landlord easily and smoothly are more likely to stay long term. In addition, property owners have the same real time access to their accounts. You will be able to login to your account 24/7/365 and see the information you are looking for without waiting for your monthly financial statement. Monthly statements will be published to the owner portal along with the copies of your bills saving you the postage and office charges that come with mailing your financial statement to you each month. We will also be able to deposit your monthly income check directly to your checking or savings account. Please contact the office to set this service up. Normally, mailed checks reach our clients around the 15th of the month. With direct deposit they will be in your account around the 5th of the month giving you access to your money sooner and without a trip to the bank to deposit it. We can also customize each client’s reports. If you like to see a rent roll each month we can do that. We can set up each client to receive a different set of reports based on their preferences.

What is in it for REM Commercial?

Happier Clients. Happier Customers. More time to be the best property managers we can be. Every time a tenant pays through the tenant portal it is one less transaction we need to touch. The tenant payment is completely transacted between the tenant’s bank and our bank. The Appfolio software posts the payment to the tenants account and enters it into the properties cash account. Posting owner statements to the owner portal allows us to customize the experience our owners have with us and reduces paper/ ink usage resulting in less expense to our clients.