REM Commercial Tenants Can Now Pay Their Rent Online

We are constantly asked can we pay the rent online or with a credit card. Our office policy has prohibited us from accepting cash for safety and security reasons. That has all changed. We have joined the WilliamPaid online rent payment site. Our tenants now have the flexibility to pay the rent online or at 45,000 other locations associated with WilliamPaid. Cash payments can be made at the retail sites if that is your preference.

Saving Time and Money

If you really think about how much it costs you to write a check today or to bring your rent to the office, this is a no brainer. Most banks charge for the checks when you order them. Also, the cost of postage is rising substantially. Lets not even talk about the price of gas if you bring your rent to the office each month. This option will let you pay your rent with a few clicks and you can move on to more important things.

How to Get Started

Visit our WilliamPaid Rental Payment Portal and click on “Create an Account”. You will be asked for information about you. (ei Name, e-mail address, phone number) That will start your account. Then click on “Pay Rent”. You will be asked a few questions to verify your identity, how much your rent is, and your address. Because we have already link your address to REM Commercial it will ask you to verify that REM Commercial is your landlord. Keep in mind that it may have the name of your apartment owner. (ei. Highpoint of Stark County, HiddenVillage Townhomes…) Be assured you rent is being deposited into our account.


I know some of you are asking is it safe. WilliamPaid has bank-level security for your online payment. In addition to it being secure you can use the service to build your credit. The rent payments are reported to Experian, one of the major credit reporting agencies. Paying your rent on time can help improve your credit.