Why Screening Property Rental Applicants is Important

Recently we started property management of a few properties in Canton, Akron, and Warren Ohio that the owner self managed. The properties were not performing well and we diagnosed the problem as poor applicant screening by the property owner. When we asked them how they screened their tenants they replied, “If they have the security deposit and first months rent we sign a lease”.

For a property owner tenant screening is one of the most important functions they will perform. Poor tenant screening can have disastrous results. It can lead to:

  • Higher Crime in your Neighborhood
  • Quality Tenants Moving Out
  • Higher Eviction Rates
  • Lower Rental Income
  • Property Damage/ Higher Maintenance Costs
  • Higher than Normal Turnover
  • Property Distress
  • Foreclosure

Our Guarantee to You.

REM Commercial uses a proven screening process through First Advantage. We provide them with our screening criteria and they compare that to the tenant’s information. They provide us with a complete evaluation of the tenant and tell us whether the tenant meets our standards. Additionally, as a landlord if you decline an applicant for credit reasons you must provide them a letter advising them of their rights to inquire about their credit issue with the contact information for the credit agency. First Advantage provides the form letter already addressed to the applicant. We are so confident of our screening process that we will re-rent the property without an additional leasing fee if the tenant defaults within the first year.

If you find yourself struggling because you can’t find quality tenant’s let us help. They are out there. We know how to find them. Get a free property management quote.