Set Out Service

After serving a 3 day notice, and then an eviction notice, your tenant is still not gone from the property. You need to get them out but lack the resources to do so yourself. That’s where REM Commercial comes in. We’ll send our team to set out a tenant’s belongings to get the job done efficiently, all during business hours so you’ll be charged our normal rate of $50/hour.

The Set Out Process

After serving an eviction notice, setting up a court date, and receiving an issued writ, tenants have two choices: to leave voluntarily or be forced to leave. In order to set out a tenant’s belongings, the landlord must contact the court and receive a legally permitted, scheduled time to do so.

Once the landlord has a scheduled date to move out a tenant, it is completely up to the landlord to do the physical moving. This involves packing the tenant’s belongings in boxes and/or garbage bags and placing them outside in the front of the property. Of course, the more people a landlord brings to do the job, the faster the process will go.

Rely On the Efficient REM Commercial Team

Rather than use up your own time and resources to set out a tenant, rely on the efficient team at REM Commercial to do the job for you. We have both the people power and the resources to make quick work of a tenant set out, plus we partner with an eviction attorney so we have extensive knowledge on following the correct legal procedures.

Contact REM Commercial today to learn more about our tenant set out service, or to request a quote!